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Marani Pirosmani

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Grapes are hand-picked at the optimum of their maturity. Soft de-stemming and crushing is followed by fermentation at controlled temperature (28°C) in stainless steel tanks. Wine is fermented using the cultural yeast strains. Skin and cap management is performed by délestage and remontage. When the fermenting juice reaches optimum sugar/acidity balance,...

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Marani Tsinandali 0,75 L

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Grapes are hand-picked at the optimum of their maturity end of September and beginning of October. Softly de-stemmed grapes are cooled down to t 4-6°C, macerated on skins for 8 hours and then gently pressed in the pneumatic press. Later, the settled and free run clear juice starts fermenting slowly at precisely controlled temperature (15-18°C) in...

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Brand: Polévkárna

Kchinkali with spinach

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Kchinkali with spinach Georgian dumplings with spinach served in a number of 5 pieces We deliver around Prague We charge 300 CZK for transport for transport Delivery over 400 CZK Free of charge

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Brand: LAGI

Georgian lemonade pear 0.5 L

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Lemonade “Lagi” – “Pear” 1000 dm3 in beverage: Carbohydrate 11.3 gr. Energetic value 46 kilocalories, water, sugar, lemon acid, pear essence, color, vanillin, , ascorbic acid, carbonic acid, benzoate sodium, food value g/sm3 -12.0 We deliver around Prague We charge CZK 300 for transport  Delivery over CZK 400 Free of charge

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