Mrs. Mančo's soup factory has been cooking for its guests since 2013. Ms. Manana Toidze from the capital of Tbilisi, Georgia, is behind it. Manana Toidze has loved cooking since childhood, but later graduated from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, and now combines her knowledge into excellent food. According to her, cooking is chemistry. Manana Toidze came to the Czech Republic to visit her husband in 2004. She brought her 2 sons with her and they became an integral part of our family Soup Soup Shop. We prepare all meals in our menu with enthusiasm, love and we work only with proven Czech farmers. We buy quality ingredients from them, which are fresh every day. We use our own hands to process all the dough and we do not rely on various food processors. Because that's the only way we can pass on our energy and love to our Mrs. Mančo in the dough. We value each of our customers and we are excited to be able to acquaint them with Georgian tastes, culture and bring them excellent food that will improve their day and mood.

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